Research & Development

Crop Breeding Projects

  • Evaluation of high yielding and wilt resistance Hybrid & Varieties in CASTOR.
  • To develop new pistillate lines in Castor.
  • Evaluation of Downey Mildew resistance and high yielding Hybrids in Pearl Millet.
  • Diversification of male & female lines in pearl millet and Maise
  • Evaluation of Wilt & Blight resistance with high yielding varieties in CUMIN.
  • Improvement & evaluation in PULSES, RAPESEED & ISABGOL.
  • To evolve & improve  early mature, bold seeded & high yeilding varieties in WHEAT.
  • To evolve  early mature, high yielding & bold seeded varieties in MUSTARD & RAPE SEED.
  • Evaluation of disease resistance, high yielding & high oil percent content in GROUNDNUT.
  • Evaluation & Improvement for high yield, pest resist and early mature varieties & hybrids in different kinds of  vegetables seeds.