Company Profile

AVANI SEEDS was envisioned & started by an agriculture graduate Mr. Ambalal Patel in 1983. The company was initially registered as Avani enterprise in the year 1983 at Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Later changed in to Avani Seeds Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1993 and Finally changed in to Avani Seeds Ltd. in the year 1995. Now it has completed more than 3 decades years of successful working creating a brand among farmers.

Due to uncompromising attitude towards quality, Now a days Avani Seeds is dealing in more than 20 different kinds of oils, cereals, Spices, pulses, vegetables and Fibre seeds. The company has a leading role in hybrid castor and research cumin seeds. The company has different divisions, all are working in their full strength for research, production, processing and marketing of various quality seeds.


“Quality seeds at affordable price”
Commited to provides superior quality seeds at affordable prise to strengthening our farmers with best innovation and technology.


“ Art of seeds production in view of global climatic changes”
We are looking forward with a realistic approach for advance farming into the Indian fields in view of global environment changes sinario to empower the farmers.

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